Construction Month 2021

Let’s celebrate the many contributions that BC’s construction industry makes across our province, in every community, every day.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, BC’s construction sector has kept building, operating safely as an essential workforce to help our provincial economy survive.

The skilled tradespeople who work in construction are out there working the front lines of our economy and our safety by constructing and maintaining the buildings and infrastructure we rely on every day.

So, this April is uniquely important to recognize these efforts, and sacrifices made by our construction workers.

Next time you pass a construction site, from a six-foot distance, give them a wave and a thank you. They’re doing a great job and are essential.

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BC’s construction industry is 205,000+ workers strong. This is your chance to get involved and show you care. From skilled workers and contractors to manufacturers,  suppliers, architects, engineers, professional services, training providers, public owners, and more, everyone in our industry has a role to play: and all are a part of Construction Month 2021.

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Construction Month Sponsors

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When COVID-19 resulted in lock-downs around BC, last April’s Construction Month efforts were shifted to adapt. We participated in Scott Construction’s initiated #LunchBoxChallenge. It was a great opportunity to thank the construction sector’s essential workers who continued to keep our industry going safely and productively throughout the pandemic.

Given its great success, we are bringing the #LunchBoxChallenge back as part of Construction Month. Funding grants will be available through online applications for construction employers across BC.

Celebrate the Leaders

This is your chance to recognize exceptional achievement in the construction industry for individuals going above and beyond in demonstrating exemplary leadership qualities and community contributions.

This year’s awards will focus on recognizing contractors and tradespeople that have gone above and beyond in their efforts amidst this unprecedented pandemic over the last year.

Online nominations will open soon through the Construction Month 2021 website.

Pictured Right: Dom Costantini, Bird Construction
2020 Construction Month Award Winner

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