Construction Month 2023

Let’s celebrate the many contributions that BC’s construction industry makes across our province, in every community, every day.

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Position your brand as an advocate for the people that create and maintain our built environment – and gain awareness from key industry stakeholders.

BC’s construction industry is 236,000+ workers strong. This is your chance to get involved and show you care. From skilled workers and contractors to manufacturers,  suppliers, architects, engineers, professional services, training providers, public owners, and more, everyone in our industry has a role to play: and all are a part of Construction Month 2023.

Secure your sponsorship today and enjoy brand exposure in the lead up to April 2023, along with your month-long exposure across activities throughout Construction Month 2023.

Pictured: 2022
Construction Month Sponsors

We’re Back in Person

This year we’re bringing back by invite events, our Kick Off Contractors Breakfast is scheduled for April 3rd, 2023, and our BCCA Leadership Dinner is scheduled for TBD.

We look forward to seeing our partners in person once again.

More information coming soon…


Treat your crew to lunch! Secure a grant of $250, or $500 towards a lunch from a restaurant in your local area.

This is a great way to celebrate construction month by showing your appreciation for your hard-working crew, while at the same time supporting your local business community.

And when you’re done, pass the challenge on to another worksite.

More information coming soon…

Celebrate the Leaders

This is your chance to recognize exceptional achievement in the construction industry for individuals going above and beyond in demonstrating exemplary leadership qualities and community contributions.

More information coming soon…

Pictured: James Zelinksi, CAO (left) with Philip Robinson (Winner)
2022 Construction Month Award Winner

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Looking Back at Construction Month 2022

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