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 Construction Month 2023 Leadership Awards

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Leadership Awards Nomination

The nomination period for the 2023 Construction Month Leadership Awards is now closed. Thank you to everybody who submitted a nomination this year.

If your nominee has been selected as a winner we will inform you directly over the next few weeks. We will officially announce this year’s award winners during Construction Month at the April 19th BC Construction Leadership Dinner hosted by the BCCA, after which the winners will be displayed on this page.

Cori Coutts (l) with John Knappett (r) and Knappett field staff (below)

Winners Name: Cori Coutts & Field Staff Team

Organization: Knappett Projects

Nominated by: Kathy Price, Knappett Projects Inc.

Cori is the safety manager at Knappett Projects Inc., overseeing the field team’s creation, implementation and maintenance of safe job sites during the pandemic. To date, Knappett has had no COVID-19 cases on its sites. As Kathy Price, Contract Administrator at Knappett, and Cori’s nominator, put it, “For the first time in history Knappett’s field staff were essential workers, and they were proud of it!” Cori and the team bought into new procedures immediately, streamlining and documenting as they went, diligently maintaining and promoting the practices to all trades on site. They went above and beyond the public health orders, even building hot water wash stations that will remain in place well after COVID.  They wore their masks every minute, did the paperwork every single day, and made their sites COVID free. “Without compliance, it is just policy on paper. These workers deserve recognition as a team, because their community-minded efforts made it a success.”  Thanks to the efforts of Cori and the field team, Knappett was able to keep building important community projects, including homes for vulnerable people and wastewater treatment infrastructure.

With honourable mention to:

Marc Gauthier, Gauthier Homes – Nominated by Taz Lacroix, GT

Bercum Builders Inc. – Nominated by Shane Holtslander, Horizon Electric

Doug Murray, Mott Electric – Nominated by Katherine Falk, Mott Electric

Formwork Yard Assembly Crew, Bosa Construction – Nominated by Willow Mair, Bosa Construction

COVID Ambassadors, Axiom Builders – Nominated by Willow Mair

Whitney De Ruiter, Turner Construction Company – Nominated by Alistair McIntyre, Turner Construction Company

Norland Ltd. Safety Dept., Norland Ltd. – Nominated by Nicolette Wilson

Alistair McIntyre, Turner Construction Company – Nominated by Chris Rasmussen and Kelly Pospisil, Turner Construction Company

James Colongard, PVL Group – Nominated by Dale Mollinga, Brighhouse Civil Contracting DTM Ltd.

Neil Gawley, Avenir Construction Group – Nominated by Salina Merry, Avenir Construction Group

Graeme Dobbs, Overhead Door Co. of Vancouver – Nominated by Tanis Cairns, Overhead Door Co. of Vancouver

Michael Ramos, Omega Mechanical – Nominated by Jade Jones, Omega Mechanical

Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd. – Nominated by Corry Anderson-Fennell, BC Building Trades

Kenny Tran, Flynn Group of Companies – Nominated by Brian Bett, Flynn Group of Companies

Jennifer Parent, Essence Properties – Nominated by Shantt Attarmigir, Essence Properties

Mike De Jong, Ledcor – Nominated by Barry McCarty, Ledcor